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     Welcome to Web-Wagon Website Design

Our goal is to assist you in designing a website that accurately reflects your business on the internet in a manner that will draw in more customers, potentially increasing your earning potential and to help your business grow, and turn the site over to you which will allow you to make changes to the site yourself , no longer having to call your web company and paying for every change or having to wait until they get around to it.
Why do I need a website?
         Be honest,  the reason you are in business is to make money.  The big box chain stores don't need to have a website
       to tell people who they are, but they do. It is cost effective advertisement and they capitalize on consumer habits.
       A website can put you on a level playing field with the big stores and can set you apart from other businesses like yours.

How will a website help my business?
  •   A website makes you visible to the 97% of consumers that search for businesses or services online.
  •     A website   gives you the ability to advertise your products or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  •     A website can cost only about a quarter a day 
  •     A website allows you to advertise specials and sales right away to your customers .
  •     A website can be designed to sell products online.
  •     A website, when coupled with other forms of advertising gives your business complete exposure.
    A few facts:

  •       Although 97% of consumers,(302 million),  look for businesses and services online only 51% of Texas businesses have a website.

  •       96% of the U.S. population have cellphones and at least 25% of those access the internet on their mobile devices. This is about 75 million people.

  •       Your potential customers may include locals who are not aware of your business as well as tourists who are looking
for things in your area while they are there.

  •       85% of internet users in the United States alone shop online for items.

     With a Website your customers can be local, across the    state or around the world.

              Get online and always be where 
              the customers are looking first!!!!!!

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